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Radio Istina: Monday August 27, 2007

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BET video

Oklahoma law
Promiscuous credit
Truth vs perception: brown recluse bites

  1. lies and revision
    August 27th, 2007 at 17:08 | #1

    robert pastor…who is he ? a ploy sometimes used by the kin of very wealthy forbears is to place a P or B prefix to the name…IE. suppose Pastor is an heir to the JOHN JACOB ASTOR FORTUNE and it’s CLOSE ties to the royalty of england… By simply placing a P or B prefix, he would be the son or equivilent to ASTOR..hence Pastor…This elitist,among others, is working towards the north american union.. Hudson Institute Think Tank, I believe…I’d love to spit a big juicy wad of tobacco spit all over his gold plated face!!!

  2. alex
  3. sfg
    August 27th, 2007 at 19:10 | #3

    Even though we often butted heads (imagine that!) when we both posted on another website, this guy gave good advice to all whites that we should all adhere; get out of debt, save your cash, and buy guns.

    Can’t go wrong with that advice, now can we.

    The white people I see all around me are so much in debt they can’t even see straight, to coin a phrase. I guess that’s why there are so many homes in the fancy new subdivision next to mine that are being sold and in foreclosure.

    It’s like people are on a treadmill and can’t get off. All they do is buy, buy, buy, whatever the queer or jew tell them to buy. I see women wearing the most ridiculous trashy looking clothing–mothers, young and old, who I know are wearing clothes that some queer designed and they look ridiculous.

    Even the little 12 year old girl who helps me in adoptions succumbed to the pressure to buy a Coach purse that she paid almost $100.00. She’s only twelve years old! I have never paid more than about $25.00 for a purse in my entire life. And the Coach purses are ugly as homemade sin but white women have been convinced that they just MUST have one to the tune of several hundred dollars. Idiots!

    Life has just gotten insane.

  4. New America
    August 28th, 2007 at 02:57 | #4

    sfg’s comments go, in a peripheral manner, to an issue that Alex addressed, which addressed a most significant issue, also in a peripheral manner.

    Briseis addressed the root issue about two weeks back, on a Friday VNN FTL:

    Why are so many of the people who are attracted to the Cause of White Nationalism in such reduced financial circumstances, and what can be done about it?

    Linder addressed this lightly, in his comments about avoiding the use of debt, in general, and credit card debt, in particular.

    Yet, there’s a lot more at work here, and it is worthy of a thread in its own right.

    The only person who has addressed the issues of income versus wealth creation is Bill White, who devoted an entire issue of his Monday night show to just this issue, and has addressed it, peripherally, in several other shows.

    WHY are so many of us so damn poor, and I don’t mean realtively poor. I mean damn near absolutely poor.

    Is it something I am missing? Something in the water, or something?

    We have idiots, fools, and agents provocateurs who propose the injudicious use of force against the greatest military power in the history of the world, while being unable to even send some nominal sum – say, the dollar a day spent on the morning coffee and doughnut – to someone who is out there doing the Real Work, for our RACE.

    It’s like watching people with liquid courage describe how they would fight in UFC; Hell, they can’t even see their feet, they are so fat!

    Same with the “Movement.”

    Get these damn fools to send even twenty dollars a month to Linder, whose address is at the top and bottom of this page.

    Can’t do it.

    Won’t do it.

    “Don’t have it this month, Boss.”


    I’d like to address this subject at greater length, but, if you remove the delusional idiot component from the mix, we still have way too many people who are simply incapable of finding a dollar a day to support what they claim is the most important thing on Earth – saving our RACE, our Posterity, from the Dark World the demonic, Goddamned, hook-nosed Satanic Jews would impose on us.

    Briseis spoke of this peripherally.

    Perhaps it is because the obvious conclusion leads to the anger that derives from helplessness in the face of horrific evil, and so we avoid THAT conclusion, instead of grasping the nettle with strength and crushing it, and thus dealing with the obvious conclusion’s obvious implications.

    I don’t know exactly what this leads to, but I know that Briseis raised the issue that we must address, one way or another, while we can.

    One person asked me when I think we will have actually done something substantial along the way to the fulfillment of the best Idea of all, Harold Covington’s Northwest Republic.

    My response was simple, open, and honest.

    When Alex Linder gets five grand a month from us, reliably, for doing what only he can do, and what needs to be done so badly, we will be on the first substantial step to actually making a difference.

    The exception to this is Bill White’s ANSWP, which is as deadly serious as anything to have come along since Rockwell, and Pierce.

    In their respective ways, White and Linder are the heirs to Rockwell, and Pierce, at their respective bests.

    All we have to do is hand them the tools, and they will clear the path for us.

    And, if their efforts aren’t worth twenty bucks a month from each of us, than let’s not pretend we are anything more than subpotent posers, who MIGHT, one day, grow up to be hobbyists.

    As I have stated before, people who call us “hobbyists” are giving hobbyists a bad name.

    We have to change that state of affairs.

    While we can.

    New America

    An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

  5. Jimmy Dean
    August 29th, 2007 at 18:46 | #5
  6. Lamont
    August 30th, 2007 at 02:58 | #6

    New America, you need to edit. My eyes began glazing over in paragraph three. But I did read the question, “Why are so many of us poor?”

    Jews have the power to destroy the career of almost anyone who opposes them. People who are doing well financially know this so they avoid our cause. They have too much to lose. Young people, who have less money and (often) no dependents can join us, but often at the cost of any potential career.

    It’s also true that people who are materialistic will put more effort into making money, and those who oppose the jew tend to be against materialism. If you don’t care about anything but short term profit (like a jew does) you’re not going to have many complaints about the society the jew created.

  7. Kike Herder
    September 9th, 2007 at 21:48 | #7

    Hey, you like Cat Stevens! Cool song.

    Always a pleasure to hear your commentary on the ‘kwa, Alex.

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