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Radio Istina: Tuesday August 26th, 2008

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1) VNNF’s archaeology subforum: discovery of 250-million-year-old fossil

2) Conclusion of discussion of Marcus Garvey article in Culture Wars (6/08 issue): jews create/use NAACP to destroy White America through integration, having dispatched the leading men and schools of back-to-Africa, represented by Garvey, and self-reliance advocated by Booker T. Washington

3) South Carolina white father shoots niggers at his kids’ party

4) John Huss and the Protestant-precursor revolution in Bohemia in the 1400s, from ch. 5 of E. Michael Jones’s The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit: “The Revolution Arrives in Europe”

  1. shabbos s. shabazz
    August 26th, 2008 at 12:59 | #1

    “Integration” means having integrity.

    Mixing of weak and strong is adulteration. It is entropic, random, chaotic- it is death.

    “Integration” should have been called DISINTEGRATION all along.

    Segregated schools, recognizing differences, therefore recognizing facts, were in fact INTEGRATED (Integrated used in contradistinction to disintegrated).

  2. zwei
    August 26th, 2008 at 13:00 | #2

    So it was a white dad/black cad. Thought as much first time I heard of that story. Who else, I guess.

  3. Olde_Dutch
    August 26th, 2008 at 15:05 | #3

    Hold on there buckoo…Wycliffe & Huss fell afoul of the papists because they translated the Bible into the vernacular language of the people.

  4. Olde_Dutch
    August 26th, 2008 at 15:52 | #4

    The pro-Huss legend is that when Huss was burned at the stake, his heart would not burn. The reason for this was given as Huss’s devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Just a little trivia…

  5. ein
    August 26th, 2008 at 16:52 | #5

    The pro-Huss legend is that when Huss was burned at the stake, his heart would not burn. The reason for this was given as Huss’s devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. ”

    That’s remarkably similar to a similar legend regarding St. John Nepomuk, which I heard in Prague. It’s said that his tongue would not burn, because he refused to reveal what was told to him in confession. (The jealous king suspected that the queen had a lover and he wanted to find out who it was.)

    However, in checking out this story just now, I find that Nepomuk was drowned, not burned! But furthermore, according to Wikipedia, there were two johns, one who was drowned in 1392, and one who was burned in 1415!!! As you said, legends.

    August 26th, 2008 at 23:08 | #6

    Olde Dutch:
    There were numerous editions of the Bible translated into German long before Luther. The Protestant progenitors took their marching orders from Big Jew. Sad but true.

  7. August 27th, 2008 at 08:12 | #7

    chances are, then, that the current ‘translations’ of The Bible only vaguely resemble the original text!

    i’v heard that the Vulgate was the closest to the original meaning(s)…..(IOW: the most ‘jew-free’ one)……but, whether or not you could now acquire one that hasn’t been tampered with is problematic……would necessitate an original 15th or 16th century copy…… price (?) 🙁 ………..

    plus: you’d hafta learn Latin!

    uhh! 😐

  8. shabbos s. shabazz
    August 27th, 2008 at 10:15 | #8

    Illegitimi non carborundum. . .

  9. Olde_Dutch
    August 27th, 2008 at 10:38 | #9

    The oldest manuscripts of the Bible are written in Greek. Leading some to think that Christ may have spoken Greek.

    Btw, if you read the leaders of the Protestant Reformation on the jews, that makes much of Jones look like Irish Catholic “quatsch”. LOL.

    Although, Jones does get this right to some spun extent, the Biblical allusions used by the Reformers do demonstrate a clean break with Rome & the Italians/Spaniards, as Christ broke with the jews & judaism.

  10. Kike Herder
    August 27th, 2008 at 21:21 | #10

    Always good to hear a little rant by the master. If only we could inject your reason into freshman college students, what a world we could mold.

    Please stop putting yourself forth as any sort of English expert. You are sophomoric at best, where English is concerned. I appreciate your concern, but your skill in English does not match your skill with the Jew. Everyone knows it. Admit it. You know the Jew. You do not know English.

  11. New America
    August 30th, 2008 at 17:27 | #11

    Listen to the 1:04:30 mark forward, for the next, say, five minutes or so.

    Linder repeats himself three times at about 1:04:44.

    Why is Marcus Garvey so damn relevant to our situation?

    Let me count the ways.

    One, Garvey was as a Black Nationalist – a practitioner of the Positive Theory of Race.

    Yes, he didn’t have enough quality material to work with – a complaint of our William Pierce, by the way. He did what he could. and, considering what he had to work with, he did remarkably well.

    Two, Garvey was thwarted at ALL points by every Jew-controlled entity imaginable, from the NAACP – which was constructed by the demons-known-as-Jews as a tool for organizing the jungle savages against the White RACE, to the Federal Government, to the court systems.

    Doesn’t that remind you of us, in so many ways?

    Three, when Linder repeats himself three times, he is making a very important statement, and most of us are afraid of what it means, on any level.

    I see the demons-known-as-Jews as nodes through which the Cultural process of Judaism operates.

    Thus, by neutralizing the process, we can effectively neutralize the power we have given the hooked-nosed Satanists over us.

    Four, Garvey is like us in another respect – a great man was isolated, and his UNIA models were limited in their organization.

    This is a critically important point that we ignore all too often, and we ignore at our peril:

    A Wealthy, Powerful Jews networks with OTHER Wealthy, Powerful Jews, to achieve greater, and ever greater, Jewish RACIAL Goals.

    Wealthy, Powerful White Men simply act in isolation, and are unable to begin to match what happens when the THREE percent of the population that is Jewish acts as one – ten thousand Lilliputians – evil Lilliputians, no doubt, but Lilliputians – and are limited to only succeeding in one narrow area of endeavor.

    So, they have good, rich, fulfilling life, and their efforts pretty much begin and end there.

    If memory serves, Ted Turner sold his empire to Time-Warner, and decided he would like to buy CNN back.

    The Jews told him, “No.”

    They had plans for CNN.

    He could have his baseball team; that’s a good, useful pasttime to keep the Goy occupied.

    But he could not return to a position of true power – PARTICULARLY, a maverick like Turner.

    Same for Garvey.

    Same for so many of us.

    What we choose to DO about this is up to us.

    Did I mention you can send money to Linder, address at the top and bottom of the screen?

    Don’t you think that would be a much better use of your money than putting it in the collection plate on Sunday?

    So do I.

    Never give up.

    Never surrender.

    New America.

    An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

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