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Radio Istina: Tuesday October 7, 2008

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mp3 [48mb; 3hrs 25mins]

Concludes our discussion of Capt. Ramsay’s “The Nameless War.”

  1. October 7th, 2008 at 12:18 | #1


    Big Jew uses media, currency, academia, and political influence to destroy nations as pointed out in Ramsay, Jones, and the jew-wise.

    Either (1) Patriot Act II/Martial Law/Hate Speech (i.e. a revolution) will occur, or (2) The jew will be rendered harmless as in 1930’s Germany and 90 other nations.

    The way I see it, America has reached peak jew, and so the scale is at the tipping point. Which way do you see the scale tipping and what timetable would you assign to it?

    • 9/11
    • The Iraq War
    • The Afghan War
    • The Federal Reserve Scam
    • The jew Oil Speculators
    • APAIC
    • The Media
    • The economic collapse
    • Jew-led immigration policies
    • Jew-led integration policies
    • Holocaust allegers scientifically disproved

    Also, the ADL took out a global public relations ad in the New York Times last week to promote war with Iran:

    Big Jews’ PDF :


  2. OldRight
    October 9th, 2008 at 21:03 | #2

    An outstanding episode. I normally listen an hour at a time but this one kept me listening for the whole three and a half hours. I like the way you compare the jew’s tactics against Ramsay to those they use today. It truly is the eternal jew.

  3. October 11th, 2008 at 14:48 | #3

    The Benjamin Franklin quote about Jews read from Capt. Ramsay’s book was proven to have been written by William Dudley Pelley who was the founder of the anti-interventionist pro-German Silvershirts movement in America, as well as the Soulcrafters teachings which he took up after being released from prison where he’d served out a sentence for treason. Pelley’s anti-interventionist, anti-Jewish communist/capitalist writings are interesting, but the Soulcrafter stuff is pure unadulterated New Age woo-woo. He was forbidden to take his pen up against the Jews again and unfortunately turned to a “channelling” scam to survive after WWII. Benjamin Franklin never uttered any warning about letting too many Jews into America. He was was actually a philo-Semitic Kabbalah thumping high grade Mason.

  4. Nemo Me Impune Lacessit
    October 26th, 2008 at 13:42 | #4

    Tend to agree with Krafft on the bodies-in-the-basement Franklin.

    In this latest talk AL conveys the impression that he is unaware Winston Churchill was himself genetically a member of the group of “extraordinary personalities” of which WC (sic) wrote, that same group which promoted “impossible equality” among other things.

    Roosevelt was a member of the same group. As may have been Stalin (a Georgian, highly significant in itself. And he was married to a member of the group).

    BTW Alex your contact page on vnn needs updating to your new (al#5) address @ gmail.

    Nameless War also at http://iamthewitness.com among other good things. Might be instructive to check for accuracy the electronic versions against a hard copy original in a deposit library.

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