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TPMPG Show #10: Wednesday June 11, 2014

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mp3 [134MB; 2hrs 27mins]
– what’s new at VNN (writings I posted monday: book notes, movie thumbs, On Writing column, On Strategy column, Idee Midden: Writer’s Notebook; new update/plans for; ADF books added to pdf thread)
– my bookshelf (went through one shelf: the religious books)
– discussion of first part of article against racialism:…nd-liberalism/ (i attack christianity as the source of liberalism and point out how the christian is arguing that god is a nigger, that god is at odds with himself, that god must favor genocide; that religion is anti-social while science is pro-social and much more)
– close with stirring rendition (good example of the cliche-lite ‘stirring rendition’ i discussed in my On Writing column monday) of Mah Luv is Conditional

TPMPG Show #9: Wednesday May 14, 2014

May 14th, 2014 1 comment

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Russell Kirk and conservatism:

– the man
– selected points from his book Decadence & Renewal in the Higher Learning
– his ten conservative principles

TPMPG Show #8: Thursday May 8, 2014

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I discuss Parrott and Heimbach as lead in to discussing.

The Solution – political arrangements (how whites live among whites) AFTER we’ve achieved white sovereignty.

The Strategy – political strategy for achieving white sovereignty.

TPMPG Show #6: Thursday April 24, 2014

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