Radio Istina: Wednesday April 2nd, 2008

mp3 [55mb; 3hrs 56mins]


Updates: Kwame Kirkpatrick scandal; Zimbabwe election; homeschooling; debate suppression at Takimag; Radio Free Whitelandia launch

1) anti-White discrimination at Social Security Administration (Frank Keliher’s case, discussed in letter to VNN including Washington Times article and pages from court)

2) reading of Obama’s race speech…t_n_92077.html

3) anthropology: new evidence that Homo Floresiensis is separate species…ml?ref=science…2008/03/hobbit
Farpoint (Malibu) Clovis finding
Spain finding pushes first Europeans date back

4) Traveling “Race” Project and White Privilege Conference

Radio Istina: Wednesday March 19th, 2008

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1) banking – history: transition from local and reliable to national and crooked; explaining Bear Stearns bailout
VNNF thread with Stott column “Banking”
Don Stott archives

2) STD studies: teens/minorities; syphilis…17355320080311

3) homeschooling update: history of federal involvement in K-12, starting with ESEA act under LBJ in 1965, reenacted as No Child Left Behind in 2001
[posts #5 and #6]
Dept. of Ed. (with graphs) of fedgov involvement in K-12
article mentioning Will Smith, Tom Cruise and connections to Scientology and homeschooling…s-sp-20080318/

4) [conclusion] homos and nazis – Lively “Pink Swastika” Culture Wars article
queer debunking of “The Pink Swastika”….pink.swastika

Radio Istina: Wednesday March 12th, 2008

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1) [conclusion] discussion of Chronicles WN-paleocon race debate

2) Snake news: non-native species overwhelm Texas (no mention of brown stubbies)
garter snakes out-evolve poisonous newts…0311075326.htm

3) Nazis as butch-fag anti-Christian, pro-Greek revolutionaries


Radio Istina: Thursday March 6th, 2008

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1) Max Karson: satire in an age of Semitically Correct stupidity and conformity
Yeti (Karson’s paper)
CU student news video interview with Karson….q=Max%2BKarson

football nigger recruiting scandals…

2) Chronicles of Constipation: Flemio & The Goat and race
Buchanan Jenna column and faileocon responses
paleocon-WN race debate in comments

[Yes, discussion of these lasted four hours and 2) was not completed, will continue discussion next show.]

Featured artist you might not have heard of:

Amy Speace
Songs: “Two” and “Make Me Lonely Again”

Radio Istina: Tuesday March 4th, 2008

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1) California takes swing at homeschoolers

2) 1300 Nebraska HSers visit legislature to fight Schimek’s anti-HS bill

3) Christians circumvent Hollywood with Advent, a new movie production/distribution company formed by HSers and Patrick Henry College grads

[So much HS revolutionary activity to discuss we never got around to the other stuff advertised. We will get to that on Thursday, with a full discussion of Max Karson up in Boulder and the long-threatened discussion of paleoconservative views of White Nationalism - this Thursday, March 6, at 1 p.m. CST. As always, these shows are archived for your convenience and url-dissemination within hours of live broadcast.]

Radio Istina: Thursday February 28th, 2008

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- “Red over Black”
- 6,000 Germans march to commemorate Allies’ Dresden attrocity
- Conservatives vs Whites
- More on The Secret Life of Bill Clinton, the lies of the ATF re OKC bombings
- Trucklin’ Bill Buckley
- Global Warming, the hoax
Read more…

Radio Istina: Tuesday February 26th, 2008

mp3 [35mb; 3hrs 21mins]

1) totalitarian language control and feminism (jew Gelernter article)…pub_detail.asp

2) homeschooling revolutionaries (in Nebraska)…
…and their enemies (Neb. State Sen. DiAnna Schemik)

3) Zimbabwe thread as example of getting up to speed via VNNF stickied threads
Extending franchise only to those who can use it responsibly (black Kenyan essay)

4) VNNF reorg dedicated to one end: getting Whites up to speed on the “why” behind the White West’s decline


Radio Istina: Thursday February 14th, 2008

mp3 [41mb; 2hrs 57mins]

Topics include:

- History of public schooling in America
- Cal State Long Beach’s attack on Dr. Kevin MacDonald
- Australia’s new prime minister Rudd’s formal apology to aborigines
- Discussion of introduction to Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s “The Secret Life of Bill Clinton,”
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Radio Istina: Tuesday September 18, 2007

mp3Pt1. Early Morning [44mb; 4hrs 15mins]
mp3Pt2. Late Night [24mb; 2hrs 19mins]

- Will discuss French revolution, de Sade, Wollstonecraft, consequences of sexual immorality, rationalism as explored in writings of E. Michael Jones, Capt. A. H. M. Ramsay, and Edmund Burke.

- Libido Dominandi, Sexual Liberation and Political Control (Jones)

- Begin Capt. A.H.M. Ramsay’s “The Nameless War”

- Reflections on the Revolution in France (Burke)

Radio Istina: Thursday September 6, 2007

mp3 [66mb; 4hrs 41mins]


- Chris Bollyn article on 9/11 and Israeli connection
- istina vs pravda, from Frank Ellis’ monograph Marxism, Multiculturalism and Free Speech
- Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminist techniques for soul-analysis and soul-spying as used and perfected by 200 years of revolutionaries, from end of ch. 1 of E. Michael Jones’s Libido Dominandi, Sexual Liberation and Political Control
- qualities sought in Mossad agents, from Gordon Thomas’ Gideon’s Spies.

Radio Istina: Thursday August 30, 2007

mp3 [23mb; 1hr 41mins]

- Resolution of Knoxville charges against Linder
- E. Michael Jones’s Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control

Radio Istina: Monday August 27, 2007

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BET video

Oklahoma law…TICLE_ID=57313
Promiscuous credit…ds-2007-08-27/
Truth vs perception: brown recluse bites

Radio Istina: Friday August 24, 2007

download [30mb; 2hrs 11mins]


‘Political correctness,’ origin and meaning (more Frank Ellis)

Radio Istina: Wednesday August 22, 2007

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1) semitically incorrect songs

Eminem’s anti-drug and anti-anti-drug song, ‘The Kids,’ lyrics and (a, not the) video

Guns ‘n’ Roses: ‘One in a Million’ lyrics and video'%2…%20Lyrics.html

Sam Kinison clip from “Back to School”

2) Duke rape hoax as covered by William Anderson of and his archive (many other articles on rape hoax)

- call from Andrei Kievsky (technical problems – buffering) re subprime loan mess

3) Understanding P.C. – what it is; its roots. PC is judeo-communist in origin, has nothing whatsoever to do with manners and everything to do with smashing any dissent from neo-communist, jewish totalitarian party line.

- Chapter three of Frank Ellis’ “Marxism, Multiculturalism, and Free Speech” (published by Scott-Townsend): Political Correctness and the Ideological Struggle: From Lenin and Mao to Marcuse and Foucault.

- The ten main features of PC (deriving from Soviet Union and Chinese variants) Marxism, Multiculturalism, and Free Speech (Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies Monograph Series, 31): Frank Ellis: Books Marxism, Multiculturalism, and Free Speech (Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies Monograph Series, 31): Frank Ellis: Books

Featured artist you might not have heard of:

Rilo Kiley

Radio Istina: Tuesday August 21, 2007

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jewess Leona Helmsley…7aec9efb61&k=0
jew Magnet on Nigkultur…k_america.html
Derbyshire on PC
explication: “Marxism, Multiculturalism, and Free Speech,” by Frank Ellis, published by Scott-Towsend (Washington, D.C.) Marxism, Multiculturalism, and Free Speech (Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies Monograph Series, 31): Frank Ellis: Books Marxism, Multiculturalism, and Free Speech (Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies Monograph Series, 31): Frank Ellis: Books